Student masterlife

Student MasterLife - Girls Only

July 18th - October 10th, 2017


Imagine what the concepts of MasterLife can do when applied from the teenage years forward. Now you can provide such a life-changing opportunity for your youth. This interactive workbook written especially for students will help them live a life steered by God. Designed to be studied day by day, and then discussed weekly in a group meeting. Focusing on the 12 main areas of the Christian life, MasterLife Student Edition can be divided into two separate 6-week studies, or used as one 12-week study.


Exodus Precept Upon Precept Bible Study

August 21st - November 27th, 2017


Exodus - Let My People Go- Precept Workbook (NASB)

Watch Moses develop as a leader. See God deliver His people by judging their enemies. Learn powerful truths about His ways. A remarkably practical study of deliverance, redemption, the Law, and the Tabernacle.

Childcare is not provided for this event.

The book is more expensive for this study, it is $26.00. It is set up to allow you to make partial payments of $10 or greater. When registering for the event, select Add On in order to purchase the book.

Baptism april2017


August 27th, 2017

Please plan to arrive no later than 5:00 PM to receive your shirt and meet with the pastors. 969 Byerley Bend Rd, Blaine, TN 37709

Men - You will need to wear a dark t-shirt & shorts. Wear Rubber type shoes. Women - You will need a a dark t-shirt. You will need to wear your t-shirt under your baptism shirt (you can see through them when they are wet). Wear Rubber type shoes.

You will need to bring a towel and a bag for your wet clothes and a change of clothes.